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Jennifer Regan Stitched Narratives

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7 Stitched Narratives

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Donated by Jane Regan, Jennifer Regan's daughter.

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#6 Paradise, Paradise Lost, 1992 Mixed media on fabric with beads and frog enclosure, 27 5/8 x 33 ½ inches #17 The Mother of Us All, 1991 Mixed media on fabric, including daughter Kate’s pink blouse and scrap from a red skirt made for daughter Jane; antique blouse for the angel, scraps from Jennifer’s bathing suit, evening dresses, commercially produced birds, stars, and eye, 23 1/4 x 43 ¾ inches #18 Charles River and Environs, c. 1993 Mixed media on fabric with paint and beads, 23 1/8 x 54 3/8 inches [Note: Broken hanging slat that needs replacement] #37 Woman at the Well, c. 1992 Mixed media on fabric with sequins, beads, antique fabric, ribbon, and dye, 13 1/2 x 15 7/8 inches #70 Sunday in the Park, 2008 Mixed media on fabric with paint, 20 1/2 x 31 inches [Note: Needs a hanging slat] #76 Violens is something we think we can stop but we can’t, 1996, Mixed media on fabric with beads and paint, 28" x 46" at apex [Note: Broken hinge needs replacement and Undertaker needs to be reattached] #80 Metamorphosis, 1990 Mixed media on fabric with scissors, rolling pin, broom, German eagles, and lace, 29 x 32 inches